Extend the life of jewelry:How to maintain jewelry

Extend the life of jewelry:How to maintain jewelry

Our Golston Jewelry is a precious possession that is designed and crafted to last a long time, but proper care is required to assure the lasting qualities of your jewelry. As a result, we’ve created this Basic Jewelry Care Guide to direct you in the proper care of your jewelry. 


These simple, basic guidelines for the care and cleaning of your fine jewelry:

  • Keep Your Jewelry Secure

Store your jewelry in a container and prevent pieces from moving around. Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in a box with compartments and dividers. If you prefer to use ordinary boxes, wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper.


  • Remove Your Jewelry Before Bathing

Remove all jewelry before showering or cleaning. Soap can cause a film to form, making it appear dull and dingy. By preventing the formation of this film you immediately reduce the occasions of servicing.


  • Use Jewelry Polishing Cloths for Best Results

Polish your jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth for best results. You can use an old diaper, but the professional cloths are the best. The use of tissue or paper towels can cause scratches because of fibers in these products.


  • Clean Your Jewelry with Care

Cleaning your own jewelry regularly can keep it looking good, but be careful. You can either purchase commercial cleaners from a jeweler or make a cleaning solution yourself. Rubbing alcohol can work wonders, but bleach can literally destroy jewelry so avoid it at all costs.


  • Use Warm Water to Clean Jewelry

Using warm water is the best bet when cleaning your own jewelry. How water can cause a reaction with the cleaning fluids resulting in discoloration and Sterling Silver is especially susceptible to this problem. Should this occur, this problem can be remedied by buffing and the application of a tarnish remover.


  • Avoid Cleaning Damaged Jewelry

Never clean any jewelry that is damaged, cracked or broken, since the additional handling is likely to exacerbate or worsen the problem. If you find that a piece of jewelry is damaged, it should be set aside for repair as soon as possible.

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