White Fox Collection from Golston Jewelry

White Fox Collection from Golston Jewelry


White Fox: a symbol of purity and clarity. It is said that this beautiful, mysterious creature represents a connection to divinity.


Golston Jewelry perfectly captures the righteousness of this spectacular animal in their newest White Fox Collection. Comprised of the highest-quality, ethically sourced, sustainable materials, the White Fox collection features a nature inspired, timeless design that is truly one of a kind. 


The arctic fox collection features two varieties of pendant necklaces, in rose gold and silvery appearance. Choose the small size for a dainty touch of detail or medium for an eye-catching statement. These pendant necklaces are covered in cubic zircon gemstones, giving them a shine that will last a lifetime. The design beautifully represents the stealthy head of the White fox with its signature fluffy tail wrapped around the side.


Cutie Drops 

The cutie drops are adorable artic fox earrings that slightly dangle beneath the earlobe with a sleek, elongated appearance. They also have both a rosy and silver variety and feature the same stunning cubic zircon gemstones as the necklaces. These earrings combine sophistication with personality and are guaranteed to be a conversation starter.



The variety of rings in the arctic fox collection are truly unmatched. Whether you’re looking for an understated touch of refinement or a bold dramatic statement, there is an option that will perfectly fit your needs. The title pieces, being the arctic fox rings, feature the bold head of the arctic fox perfectly resting atop your finger. The wrap rings are simple, fox-inspired pieces that provide a delicate yet exquisite look, and the garnet, topaz, and peridot rings display stunning colored gemstones.



Golston Jewelry carefully crafts each design to be classic while still featuring a modern and unique flair. All their materials come from recycled or naturally mined sources, making them sustainable and ethical, and the white fox collection is no exception. This new collection encompasses Golston Jewelry’s mission and values in a way that’s never been seen before. 

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