The difference between Moissanite and Zircon Don't be fooled again

Recently received feedback from one of our customer girls, she said that I bought a Mossan diamond only ten dollars, suspecting that their Mossan diamond ring is made of zircon, in fact, this price does not have to doubt, the probability is that zircon impersonated Mossan diamond, originally wanted to buy natural diamond substitutes Mossan diamond, but bought a replacement for Mossan diamond - zircon, it is really speechless, So what's the difference between moissanite and zircon? Let's take stock!

The difference between moissanite and zircon

1️⃣ The difference in hardness

The hardness of the two is very different, the diamond hardness is 10, the full hardness, the king of gems, the Mosan diamond hardness followed by 9.25, is also a well-known superhard material. Because of its high hardness, Mosan diamonds are very wear-resistant and can be worn as long as diamonds.

The hardness of zircon is much smaller, only about 7, it is still OK to start wearing, but it is relatively easy to wear for a long time, look at the above zircon will be bumpy, reflecting the intuitive is not enough flash.

2️⃣ The difference in weight

Weighing, the specific gravity of diamond is 3.52, the specific gravity of moissanite is 3.22, and the specific gravity of zircon is more than 4.2. Zircon is heavier than moissanite and diamonds. Take the pinky finger weigh it, the same size under the weight is zircon.

3️⃣ The difference between fire color

From the naked eye, the fire color of moismulberry stone is obviously stronger than that of zircon, a light hit down bright blind, and the fire color of zircon is often weak, the color looks too white and unnatural, it is worth noting that zircon can not refract light, only reflect light.

4️⃣ Price difference

A lot of girls think that I buy a smaller Mosan diamond will be cheaper, in fact, the smaller the diamond is more difficult to cut and craft, sometimes 50 points of Mosan diamond will be more expensive than 1ct

Please be careful when you buy Mosan diamonds, don't be greedy for cheap, buy some too cheap Mosan diamond jewelry.

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