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By creating our Arctic Fox collection, we are drawing attention of the public to the quick decrease of wild animals, impacting the planet and sustainability of the earth.
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Golston is a designer jewelry brand founded in 2004, the heart of Golston are distinctive(eternal) design, ethical sourcing, elaborate craftsmanship and exquisite Jewelry, these 4 core values are our driving force, and after years unremitting effort we have built up a sustainable supply chain, we are striving to contribute to the planet.

Alessia Galimberti

Designer of Golston

Architect, Designer and PhD in Projects and Urban Policies, Alessia has her distinctive attitude towards aesthetics and knows well the key to make nowadays women beautiful. Starting her new field in jewelry design at Golston, she created the Milan collection with the mission pay homage to sustainability and nature. The sole of the collection is Arctic Fox, with gold lace in a round background. As the symbolism of intelligence, independence, beauty and good luck, our arctic fox pieces will bring the same fortune to you.
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