How To Choose Gemstone Jewelry? (Part two)

How To Choose Gemstone Jewelry? (Part two)



#5 Smoke Quartz:

Smoke Quartz

Smoky quartz features a dark and mysterious tone associated with the grounding energy of the earth. The brownish grey, translucent crystal is regarded as a mind purifier that conveys a sense of stableness and security, guides you away from lower energies and old patterns that counter your move, and ushers you to a higher state. Thanks to a profound tone, these gentle Crystal Necklace will certainly lend you a decent grace on any special moment you bust out for.


#6 Peridot:


Peridot occurs in yellowish-green to grass green, a friendly hue that reminds you of the very amiable mother nature and all the harmless beings. It is thus taken as a stone to soothe nervousness and lighten feelings of depression or other emotional suffering, helping to regain your spiritual comfort and lend a boost in your self-confidence level. Pick up a peridot pendant for an amiable flair as well as a versatile pair with your everyday wearing.


#7 Garnet:


Garnet comes with a reddish hue so reminiscent of flame core, thus earning its association with courage, confidence, strength, or anything that fuels your inner positivity. Our Garnet Chunky Curb Chain does not exclusively bring you a distinctive trend with its passionate highlight. It also help to revive your vigour so that you will stand up to all the embarrassment, or achieve a step up from any social anxiety.


#8 Citrine:


Citrine appears with its impressive yellowish to orange transparency, so reminiscent of the enlightening sun. It is regarded as a master of one's creativity center, which houses all your dreams and wishes for goodness, the ones ready to be transformed into tangible actions under the sunlike sparkle. By embracing a shinny adornment from a citrine necklace, you can either open up your mind for a challenging task, or effortlessly brighten up your everyday look.




Fancied with a shifting play of color, opal brings an inviting luster that looks like an aggregation of multiple crystalline goodness, and is thus believed to gather the morals of all the natural crystal gems and, in a word, signifies an overall good luck. Put on a well polished Opal Ring to start each lovely day, and enjoy how this charming iridescence stimulates your luck span and lends a distinctive, fancy-drawing statement.


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